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He wouldn’t have noticed.

What is it?

Oh, we will.

You’re dead.

Let’s play ball!

Billy, you’re up.

Take it back, kid.

Now, you’re giving it to me.

Ahh shit! I’m out! Goddammit!

We’re gonna get you for this.

What are you gonna do? Shoot us all?

Ooo. You’re brother’s not very polite, Eyeball.

Why don’t you tell me something I don’t know, asshole?

Now, I feel a whole let better about this. How ’bout you?

What’s with you homos? You guys’ve been acting psycho all day.

Okay, Chambers, you little faggot. This is your last chance. What do you say, kid?

I know he didn’t mean to insult me. That’s why I’m going to give him the chance of taking it back.

Will you two just shut the fuck up? If either of you assholes had two-thousand dollars, I’d kill you both.

Okay… okay… you’ve stated your position clearly. Now I’m gonna state mine: get in the fucking car, now!

She’s a Catholic, man. There’ll all like that. If you wanna get laid, you gotta get yourself a Protestant. A Jew’s good.

You got two choices. You leave quietly, we take the body. Or, you can stay, we beat the shit out of you, we take the body.

Then, if you gentlemen don’t mind, I’d like to finish this game before I start collecting my goddamn Social Security, okay? You’re up Billy. Move it!

You guys are like my grandmother having a conniption fit. I don’t see your problem. We brought a whole bunch of fishing gear, and if a cop asks us what we’re doing here, we’re just here to take a couple steelhead out of the river, and look what we found!

I’m sorry I dropped you from a cliff.

I would love to help. But you see, I have vowed to take a life of celibacy.


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