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Man, life’s looking pretty good from right here.

If you had like little animal cracker Discovery Channel thing watch the gazelle as he graze’s through the open plains, and now look as the cheetah approachs. Watch as he stalks his prey. Now the gazelle has looked spooked and he could head north, to the mountainous peeks above, or he could go south. The gazelle now faces man’s most perilous question, north…Or south…

Whatever you say, Mr. President.

If anybody’s anybody, I’m Han and you’re-you’re Chewbacca.

No, but I could always pass her a note before study hall.

You’ve said it yourself a million times. If there had been a TV in every living room sixty years ago, this country does not elect a man in a wheelchair.

You know it’s all funny until somebody gets shot in the leg.

Well cause it’s sweet, which to me suggests cookie, and, you know, I mean putting cheese on something is sort of the defining characteristic of what makes a cracker a cracker. I don’t know why I thought of that, I just…

Lev, why don’t you just do humanity a favor and just shut the hell up?

This is great. We just happen to run into the Grand Canyon on the asteroid.

Every word, kid. It’s a whole new ballgame. You have exactly 35 minutes.

Better call the printer, Lewis.

Nice shot, Mr. President.

Never have an airline strike at Christmas?

Harry’ll do it. I know it. He doesn’t know how to fail.

Is this supposed to be like this?

Good for you, Lewis.

I will not do it playing pool, I will not do it in a school. I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them, Sam I Am.

Uh, Harry wanted you to have this.

Thanks alot, appreciate it.

You know what I was thinkin’?

What? What road? Do you see any roads around here?

Good night, Mr. President.

Here’s Harry giving me a hard time. And, uh, this is Harry tellin’ me it’s not good enough. And, uh, this is Harry tellin’ me I can’t marry his daughter.

Mr. President, this is an election year. If you’re looking for female companionship, we can make certain arrangements that will ensure total privacy.


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