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To the 25th power!

Ya ever seen a wolf, man?

Who’s driving this vessel? Stevie fucking Wonde

The wolf? Hell no! That’s a chihuahua compared to the motherfucker come at me!

It was a wolf goddammit! A big black stinking ass wolf. The motherfucker jumped of the boat and ran over there. And when it got there the son of a bitch turned into a man. He did the flip-flop shit on me… Just like whore I used to know in Detroit back in -62. I’d go over her house on Saturday night… she loved me, man. I’d come through the door, she’s a man! Flip-floppin’ and shit. You ever seen a motherfucker flip-flop on you and shit like that? In your face trying to flip-flop and shit!

Get off the stage!

No! No everybody! That ain’t no brother! That’s a white boy!

Just use some of this spray, son.

It’s broken, remind me to get it fixed

Hey, young man! You got knocked the fuck out!

Must be your upper lip, son, I don’t smell nothing.

Did you see That! Those two niggas were acting like pit bull dogs!

Can’t even count to ten and you win the lottery, aint that a bitch

Well I’m glad you said that son, but since you grown, don’t bring your black ass back home.

Now Craig, it’s gonna be different living out here. Don’t let your Uncle or your cousin get you in any shit. Now you hear me?

And what you gonna do if I don’t? Bite me with yo’ ssssnaaggletooth?

He was using the phone!

Hey man, you can’t be just popping up like that without warning! For a moment I thought you were Chucky.Bout to… put you in a choke hold!

What’s the name of that group? Public Enemy? Public Enima? What the hell’s a Public Enima anyway? Hey! Shut up all that damn noise!

Yeah, boy!

Yeah, boy! Hey, mama?

I look better than you!

I cook better than you!

My dick is bigger than yours!

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