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I’d love some.

This is my plan.

It’s in Russian.

It’s only jet fuel.

Forty men on board.

Not important to me.

Yep, this is my plan.

Sir, it’s not our war.

Because he’s my friend.

Okay, I’ll be in the truck.

Those fuckers you can shoot!

OK, officially – he’s an asshole!

He’s an asshole. Save you the trip.

What do you think I am, some gung-ho, stupid son of a bitch?

That’s right, people. We educated half the world’s terrorists.

All right, gentlemen – whatever you do, do not shoot any civilians, do you understand?

I’m not gonna shoot you unless I have to. And if I have to I’ll feel really bad about it. Now sit down!

Colonel Thomas Devoe reporting as ordered, ma’am. I’m sorry about in there, sometimes my enthusiasm gets the better of me.

It doesn’t make sense. You don’t… you don’t kill a Dimitri Vertikoff. There are certain rules – killing him isn’t useful.

Okay, that does me no good. Now let’s deal with the facts at hand. 23 hours ago, General Alexander Kodoroff stole ten nuclear warheads.

The Russians couldn’t find snow in the middle of fucking winter. Look, it’s this simple. When that satellite is out of range, those nukes are gone.

I don’t know about these guys, but General Aleksandr Kodoroff doesn’t ride around on a nuclear transportation train. It’s like Ivana Trump on the subway.

I’d like to know something. You moved from Lawrence Livermore to the White House. So, first you build the bombs to blow up the entire world, and now you want to save it. Make up your mind: which is it going to be?

My personal agenda is my business. Now you are not in Washington anymore. You are in the real world, and in the real world there are nuclear arms heading for Iran. Now whether your agree with me or not, GET ME AUTHORIZED!

Doctor, you can run your charts and your theories all you want. In the field, this is how it works: the good guys, that’s us, we chase the bad guys. And they don’t wear black hats. They are, however, all alike: they demand power, and respect, and they’re willing to pay top dollar to get it. And that is our highly motivated buyer.


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