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Amen! Yes, sir! Can I get an Amen? Ha! Ha! I don’t know you what you come to do but I come to praise the name! Lord Lord!

He messed with the wrong nigger’s brother! Oh, Quick is mine!

Do you realise that I have not had sex since we got to America?

Joy! Can I get an Ahe-men? Don’t be ashamed to call His name!

Oh, thank you, Your Majesty.

He helped Joshua fight the battle of Jericho, he helped Daniel get out the lion’s den, he helped Gilligan get off the island.

We’ve been to every bar in Queens.

Only way you’re going home is shot, motherfucker!

But where in New York can one find a woman with grace, elegance, taste and culture? A woman suitable for a king.

You do not think that would be too much?

But you know, when I look at these contestants! For the Miss Black Awareness Pageant, I feel good! I feel good, because I know there’s a God somewhere! There’s a God somewhere! Turn around ladies for me please! You know there’s a God who sits on high and looks down low! Man cannot make it like this! Larry Flynt! Hugh Hefner! They can take the picture, but you can’t make it! Only God above, the Hugh Hefner on high, can make it for ya!

Now let’s see if you can defend yourself, you sweat from a baboon’s balls.

The land is so big. The choices so infinite. Where shall we go: L.A. or New York?

You are right. 500,000.

Apparently these are the best women Queens has to offer. Pick one and let’s go home.

That is the way it has always been with men of power. It is tradition.

Should I make it 400,000?

Only God can give that woman the kind of joy she has right there! Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!

Do you love Him? Do you feel joy? Say Joy!

His mamma call him Clay, imma call him Clay.

Why? What is wrong? Read it to me.

Freeze you deceased rhinoceros pizzle!

If lovin’ the lord is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Girl, you look so good, someone ought to put you on a plate and sop you up with a biscuit.


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