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Impossible man.

It sounds like Han!

Well, he seems very friendly.

Of course I’ve looked better.

Oh you’re perfectly welcome, sir.

Just open the door, you stupid lug!

Sir, If I may venture an opinion…

I knew all along. Had to be a mistake.

What are you doing? Trust him, trust him!

Ouch! Pay attention to what you’re doing!

Oh, this is suicide! There’s nowhere to go.

I never doubted him for a second! Wonderful!

Oh, yes, that’s very good, I like that… Oh!

Noisy brute. Why don’t we just go to lightspeed?

I thought that hairy beast would be the end of me.

Stupid little short-circuit! He’ll be *quite* all right.

Excuse me sir, but might I inquire as to what’s going on?

Sir. Sir, I’ve isolated the reverse, power flux coupling.

Well, now, something’s not right, because now I can’t see!

We can’t? How would you know the hyperdrive is deactivated?

Sir, it’s quite possible this asteroid is not entirely stable.

I’m terribly sorry about all this. After all, he’s only a Wookiee.

I’m terribly sorry about all this. After all, he’s only a Wookiee!

That sounds like an R2 unit in there! I wonder if… Hello? How interesting.


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