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Hi there.

I told you!

Sir, if I may?

We don’t know.

Mmmmm… yummm!

What do you mean?

The theater gala.

They were slaughtered.

I’m not fucking with you.

This then activated cell #2:

Samir! The Koran preaches…

You ever heard of catch and release?

You might consider leaving him alone.

In this game, the most committed wins.

We’re the CIA, something always goes wrong.

Unfortunately the old wisdom no longer applies.

Hi, I’m Elise Kraft, National Security Council.

You’ve got to let me… make this right! Please?

If you burn him, you’ll lose any chance you’ve got.

So I uh, quit the operation. I took another assignment.

I make out three voices. What do you have on the infrared?

It’s never the question that’s indiscreet, just the answer.

At the most we believe there are three, possibly four cells.

I promised them we would take care of them, they were working for us!

I tend to be suspicious of all true believers. Present company included.


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