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It’s okay, I know.

I’ll need a phone.

Why should I mind?

Get off the bed, kitty.

You’re having an affair with Dr. Fibel.

Yes, and I don’t suppose I could have a stenographer in the labor room?

Oh, Rob, did you noticed that Nurse Verbeck is just a little bit menopausal?

You’ve been sleeping with her the same way Fibel’s been sleeping with Verbeck!

What am I supposed to do cancel surgery because my doctor’s having an affair with his nurse?

The swimming pool is down the stairs.

Miss Hannigan. I am the private secretary to Oliver Warbucks.

I’ll get them fixed.

Annie, how would you like to spend a week with Mr. Warbucks at his house?

What about this child?

The tennis court is in the rear.

What? Have an instructor here at noon. And get that Don Budge fellow if he’s available.

The Bolsheviks, dear. He’s living proof that the American system really works and the Bolsheviks don’t want anyone to know about that.

Oh no. Oliver Warbucks, the billionaire.

You love money and power and capitalism? You know they’re never going to love you back…


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