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Were you?

Who’s Jane?

Jane is black?

Who’s a Lesbian?

It’s a cunt, dear.

She’s a black Lesbian?

And she was living here?

Now why don’t you leave us alone?

And she was living here? With you?

I do the best I can, honey. I know it’s not enough, and I’m sorry. But that’s what you get in life, you know? You get whoever you end up with. Whoever is willing to stick by you, and fight for you, when everyone else is gone. And it ain’t always who you expect. But you just have to make do.

So what? She still should grab him. Believe me I know what she’s gonna have to go through. You know, I’m a feminist too. I was a single mother after your father left. You think that was easy? I even voted for Carter twice. But you can’t fight nature. God knows, you girls keep trying. Treating your men like side dishes. Stick a fork in when needed-just like men used to treat us.

You have such a head for knowing!


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