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Fuck you.

It’s over.

Everything you saw I wanted you to see.

*What* is *that*?

Alert the amphibious squadron!

What have you gotten me into this time, Joseph?

Joseph Sullivan, I was sure you’d be dead by now.

This had better be important or one of us is in trouble.

Keep your nose up, Joseph. You always were bad at the short takeoff.

Polly Perkins. I’ve heard so much about you. It’s a pleasure to finally meet the competition.

Five AM


Hello, Alex.

It’s camouflage.

Oh… very funny.

I said you’d try.

Hmm, maybe we do.

Yes. That’s right.

Always a pleasure.

You stole my prayer wheels!

Really? That’s fascinating.

It’s a clock… It’s ticking.

But you might try to kill me.

Yes. That is not the true eye.

Yes, a *lady* should be modest.


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