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At ease, bitch!

Am I bleeding?

I was eight!

Am I bleeding?

Let me jog your memory…

You’re supposed to say no!

You were basically the worst parent ever!

That’s because I got it in third grade, my body grew!

I didn’t know what I was doing! I was 13,14 years old!

You let me eat cake and lollipops for breakfast every day!

You got me a gift… an earring? But I don’t have a pierced ear.

No, Donny. I don’t have any AXE body spray. Because I’m not a fucking douchebag.

You know, what I remember is ME having to drive YOU home from the beach that time, because you were too drunk!

Uh… no.

Great plan!

You’re a dork!

How do we do that?

Permission to speak commander.

Got it! Let me put you onto Luna.

We’re nothing more than guinea pigs.

You know, I kinda missed your stupid puns.

Yeah, but here’s an idea: let’s leave him.

Single. But there’s someone I’ve got my eye on.

Oh, well, everything’s ok but we have no way to leave.

I knew I could never become a hero, so I became a clown


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