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Do I look like a pirate to you?

I forgot.

Your ordering me?

What did he just say?

Tell me about the store again.

No, that’s the Energizer Bunny.

It’s the ocean! it’s the ocean!

No, not the watch. It has a compass.

There is no sun anymore. We died, and this is hell.

Oh no… that’s not good. That’s noooot good. Uh-oh… he’s coming over…

The only reason your first class is cause your brother is a poolman!


Hey, Red!

Is it a surprise?

I smell hairspray

Oh! I just love my job!

You’ve been Hoodwinked, baby!

Oh you best be fearing the ear, baby!

Oh, you’d best be fearing the ear baby!

Oh, yeah. Yeah. In fact, I know a shortcut.

WHAT? Say it! Spit it out! What’s goin’ on?

Maybe so, but I’m top of the woods now baby!

I don’t know. I don’t… Do you think I should?

I like that! See, that’s scary. Yeah that’s good…

You know, I’m more of a do-it-yourself kind of guy. Yeah.


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