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Thank you.

I… I do…

I shall marry you.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

Goodbye, my little friend.

Their archer is unbeatable.

Robin, promise you won’t go.

Broomhilde, there’s a foul plot afoot.

Oh, if ’twere you, ‘twould be… twerrific.

Oh Broomhilde, look! A happy little bluebird! Hello!

Unless I were married. Or if a man pledged his endless love to me.

Yes, but only my body. You can never have my heart, my mind, or my soul!

Or if I knew that he desperately cared for me. Or if he were really cute!

This means you’ve always been my one true love because it’s just the right size!

Oh, I’m so happy! They were going to try to lure you there by having an archery contest.

If you promise not to kill Robin, I shall do the most disgusting thing that I can think of.

But first, I must warn you. It could only be a kiss. For I am a virgin and could never… go all the way.

I’ve come to warn you, Prince John and Rottingham have hired men to kill you at the fair tomorrow. You musn’t go.

This means I must make a wish. I wish against wish, I hope against hope, that the heavens bring me a kind and wonderful gentleman who possesses the key to my…

Oh, darling, don’t despair! For it is written on a scroll: One day he who is destined for me shall be endowed with a magical key that will bring an end to my… virginity.

Damn straight it is.

There’s nothing to discuss!

Well this makes 31 Charlie!

Nature screwed us over, let’s give Congress a try.

Oh so now I’m a bad parent just because I hate my kid!


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