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This is pointless. He isn’t interested in getting better.

This is something you do for a billion years or not at all. This isn’t fashion.

You used to sneak me into places worse than this.


I just…

Jeffrey told her last night.

I don’t think that I can do this.

You’re my half sister but I whole love you.

Did she tell you she broke up with you because of your funky breath?

I wanted to tell you but I was afraid you’d never forgive me and I just… I love you so much.

I wanted to thank you for not outing me in front of Ed. I want to tell him just not the night before our wedding, you know… with these things, timing is everything.


People still talk like that?

This is going to be a really short movie.

How do we find Kermit? Nobody’s seen him in years.

It’s never me and him. It’s always me and him, and him.

Everything’s great. Everything’s grand. Except Gary’s always off with his friend. It’s never me and him. It’s always me and him, and him. I wonder when it’s going to end. But, I guess that’s okay, ’cause maybe someday… I know just how it’s going to be. He’ll ride up on a steed, get down on one knee, and say, Mary will you marry me… please?

For what?

Great Gatsby!

The sea plane?

The dirigible?

I get that a lot.

You’ve got moxy kid!

It’s the way I speak!

Oh, like the rocket ship?


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