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You havereal bacon – only it’s madefrom soybeans.

Arabs are very family-oriented. As a people. Is that racist?

Here’s a question. How do you think it looks to profit off the death of your six year old?

You are sensitive and frightened. I am gentle and brutal. Just think about it!

Me too.

Oh. Funny.


What did you say?

Where were you a cop?

Well, you ain’t goin’ tonight.

Were you fired or did you quit?

You’re a complicated cat, Edward.

That’s where I was born. Which town?

Where in Florida Larry? Where in Florida?

Where did you go before? What did you see? What? Tell me what you saw.

That’s not possible. I was standing right there. I saw what happened. We all saw what happened.

I give up. HEY. I GIVE UP. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT? WHAT DO YOU WANT, YOU SICK BASTARD? What the fuck do you want from us? I am turning thirty next week, and I just want to go home, and grow oranges.

Terry would never do that!

Excuse me, Mrs RON CHAPMAN!

I just don’t believe it. I refuse.

Why? What is it?

That’s the right answer.

Are you telling me this is good? What’s happened to you?

Do you think people change?

Well, the hospital’s sending over a nurse first thing in the morning.


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