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Great. In Midland we were a Family. Now were a support system?

Are you going to jail?

Nobody cares about your stupid frog right now, FedEx, OK?

Does anyone besides me think our happier and stronger life is actually code for nastier and suckier?

Guess what she bought for us. Cap’n crunch. Peanut butter Cap’n crunch. I told you she liked us.

That’s the biggest bite I’ve ever seen! Come on! Give it back!

Okay. One bite, just one bite.

Oh yeah, now you give it back.

Release the hound!

Get your own! I spit on that spoon!

Yeah, that was my foot.

Dad, we’re gonna need a forklift for Lorraine’s luggage.

PINK? Can’t we put on like a skin color?

Is this whole suitcase just for makeup?

You can only put on so much lip gloss, princess!


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