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Movie Quotes for Movie Quotes Said By Alyson Hannigan - MovieQuoter

I think they’re gonna kiss!

I saw him do it once in 1983.

I saw her drink the battery juice from your Honda!

How do you…?

On the internet?

You had me at hello.

Thant was… Amazing!

Shiv ‘em in the kidney.

But you’re from Jersey…

I heard you were the best.

Why is she in slow motion?

Right! The dealer pinched!

I’ll have what he’s having.

How will I ever measure up to that?

It’s not quite what we had in mind.

What happens when the dime bag is a little light?

What happens when someone rats us out to the cops?

That’s right Little Jack! Keep your pimp hand strong!

What happens when the ho doesn’t give up all the cash?

Well, we want a traditional wedding. Something simple yet elegent.

We never get to do our laundry together.

I’m still a nympho.

Horny, like I wanna bone.

Oh, you’ve never tried it?

Hmm… horny, like I wanna bone!


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