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I bought it.

How’s Howie?

You fucked many!

I moved in with Jules.

I feel much better now. Thanks.

I feel much better now, thanks.

I’m sorry, to bother you, here.

I’m taking Thriller and Mahler’s ninth.

I can’t believe this is happening to us.

I didn’t run out on anything. You ran out.

Men… Can’t live with ‘em, can’t shoot ‘em.

Alec is becoming a Republican… and he wants to get *married!* Oh, my God!

Anyway, I didn’t just fuck Kevin! I was confused and angry, and I care about him deeply.

You got me those for Valentine’s Day. Remember, they’re used to be Valentine’s Day here, Remember?

It’s Jules. After she left, for work this morning, some finance company came. They took away her furniture, her Jeep, everything. I tried to reach her but, I couldn’t get through so, I went into her office. She’s been pretending, to go to work every day, telling me she still, has an affair with her boss. Alec, he fired her three weeks ago. So, I confronted her, at first she denied everything and, she went crazy. She locked me out of the apartment, and she won’t let me back in. Alec please, I need your help.

No – sun.

Yes, WHAT?

You scumbag!

That’s what I figured.

Where’re you taking him?

Talk about a malfunction.

No, you’re not a machine?

Life is NOT a malfunction.

Talk computer, not Apache.

What planet is this guy from?


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