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Rick, what are you saying?

You were so wonderful out there, Rick. The General Cereals reps are here.

Listen, Meg, I’m thinking of coming to LA. I don’t know if Rick and I are good for each other right now. I mean, the team is showing signs of life, but his ERA is over 6 and he hasn’t got a clue on how to get it back on track. It’s depressing. Serious with Vaughn? He’s a lot of fun, but I need someone with a little more class.

You do.

You do!

My room.

I’m sorry.

Dr. Jones?

Indy, help!

What’s this?

Are you sure?

Indy, please!

The Grail Diary?

I usually don’t.

How dare you kiss me.

How dare you kiss me!

And I hate arrogant men.

We have got it, come on!

In that case I permit you.

What were they looking for?

All I have to do is scream.

Indy, please do what he says!

Go between them! Are you crazy?

It’s ours Indy, yours and mine.

You came back for the book? Why?


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