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No comment.

Tell me, how did you enjoy your trip to the *airport*?

If I give a comment, when I said ‘no comment.’ I would look like a complete ass, wouldn’t I?

If he solves this case, I’m perfectly willing to run around for 24 hours wearing nothing but a tutu carrying a big, pink, fluffy handbag.

It’s in every newspaper all over the world. We’re all being made to look like idiots. Reputations built up over a lifetime utterly ruined.

A friend of yours?

Adiós, señor.

If you insist, señor.

Let us hurry. There is nothing to fear here.

Throw me the idol. No time to argue! Throw me idol, I’ll throw you the whip!

The Hovitos are near. The poison is still fresh, three days. They’re following us.

The family.

I want us… to live in Iran.

I want Mahtob to grow up here.

There’s nothing for me in America.

I think she should become a Muslim!

I want to get a job here in a hospital.

They didn’t know you were such a swinger!

You know, they think we make love all the time.

I don’t know how to say this to you. We’re not going back. We’re staying here.

Well… because here, you know, after they make love, they have to take a shower because, you know, they can’t pray unless they do, you know. It’s considered unclean. And we’re taking two, three showers a day!

Your Grace?

Who am I speaking to?

The killer cannot survive.

Thank you.


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