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Good morning!

You said go west… we goin west.

I’ve never seen you drive! Where’s Morgan Freeman?

What you’re up to now is only going to lead to disaster.

This is your sister! When are you two going to act like it?

Damn you.

Los Angeles. That is confirmed.

Endeavour, guidance is bad. You are now one-two-niner miles off-course.

Hello? All this brain power over here is starting to smell like burning batteries.

Endeavor, that is confirmed. Turn right, heading 175. Expect visual contact with Los Angeles River in five seconds.

For the twenty-second time in a row, everyone on earth is dead. Now we’re going to take a little quiet time, and you all are going to try this again.

Let me know if you remember…

I don’t want it pimped I want it fixed!

You know who did that to my car, don’t you?

If there’s’ one thing they can do, it’s dance.

For these kids life is a fight to stay alive, and a hustle to make ends meet.

Keep talking. Give me a reason to kick your butt out of my school. Give me one.

Ok, where’s the camera? Because if you’re saying that you want to teach my kids the foxtrot I have to be on TV.


Mr. Stampler!

You are making a mockery of my courtroom and I’m not going to allow it. I suggest you start representing your client and stop representing yourself.

Is what?

Patients do not escape from this institution. They don’t escape. I’m going to have a great time explaining this to the state board. I’ve got psychotics on the fourth floor packing up their sneakers because they all think they’re going off to K-PAX. Find him.

That would be nice.

Half the people I know feel that way. The lucky ones feel that way. The rest of the people ARE hysterical twenty four hours a day.


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