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I’ve got all night.

No. And that’s final!

It’s not a camera, it’s a Nikon.

You jumped in a moat with my Nikon?

He’s a CPA from Encino… are you Crazy?

High interest rates.

Only a moron would back up a race like that!

We’ve put our heads together, and we’ve decided we’re gonna rip off the Arab, on the road, during the car race.

Not Miss Mo. Massimo. Massimo.

Hey, Mike! Everybody’s here. There’s Tom. Freddie. Good to see you, Mike.

Buy me out?

You think I’m skimmin off the top, Mike?

The Corleone Family wants to buy me out? No, I buy you out, you don’t buy me out.

No, he’s got no respect for YOU!

You got everything you need? The chef cooked for you special, the dancers will kick your tongue out and your credit is good. Draw chips for everyone in the room so they can play on the house.

But Massimo said you announced your engagement.

You goddamn guineas you really make me laugh. I do you a favor and take Freddie in when you’re having a bad time, and now you’re gonna try and push me out!

Yeah, let’s talk business, Mike. First of all, you’re all done. The Corleone Family don’t even have that kind of muscle anymore.

I got a business to run. I gotta kick asses sometimes to make it run right. We had a little argument, Freddy and me, so I had to straighten him out.

He was banging cocktail waitresses two at a time! Players couldn’t get a drink at the table! What’s the matter with you?

Sonofabitch! Do you know who I am? I’m Moe Greene! I made my bones when you were going out with cheerleaders!


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