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He’s gay.


Go ahead.

For instance?

Now, Norma…

Then so can I.

But don’t worry!

Come on, boss…

Oh, you’re lucky!

Do you have heat?

Then send her home!

How long have I been gay?

You’ve made me very happy!

Boss, it’s snowing outside!

You’re being very childish…

I just thought she’d help you relax!

Oh, God, I can’t remember when I wasn’t!

In one fell swoop you’ve changed my whole life.

You know a lot of guys, boss, you’d be surprised.

Now, listen you have to learn to control yourself…

Guy Langois, the French middleweight boxing champion.

Listen, if a guy like you can have the guts to admit that he’s gay,

Apparently the mob doesn’t find homosexuality to be an acceptable lifestyle…

Boss, if you didn’t want the guys to call you queer, you became a rough tough sonofabitchin’ football player.

What’s goin’ on here, Pork?


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