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What? Dead people?

The donor was a chain smoker?

Right, that’s cellular memory.

Peptides, that’s how the mind and body communicate.

Oh well, I guess that the L.A. convention center will have to do.

That was Isla Nublar. This is Isla Sorna – Site B.

How do you know the Kirbys?

You have to believe me, this was a stupid decision but I did it with the best intentions.

I though you remembered. You had a sex sandwich with his wife and his sister the night he was send here.

You were about a thousand feet above actually.

No, although now I am the only one with the looks.

So Mr. Kirby when you climbed K2 did you base camp at twenty-five or thirty-thousand feet?

I rescued your hat.

I don’t remember that one being on InGen’s list.

That’s a Tyrannosaurus.

Seeing that face on you makes me afraid my tiramisu might come back up.


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