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Are those my suits?

Well, I – I – I don’t know.

I’ll pay. I’ll pay it. Don’t worry.

It does seem a little high, doesn’t it?

I want kids.

I want to pass down my seed.

I know you think you do, Mother.

You’re running a food museum here.

Stop. No more food. It’s like FANTASIA.

We’re in the 90s, mother. It’s fancy jam time.

No. She just left me. She had nothing against the land.

Blaaah! Oh God, this is horribly old! This tastes like an orange foot!

I know why she hates me! I know why she hates me! I know why she hates me!

I like my cheese in the ounces. When they start weighing as much as a Fiat, I get worried.

How much would you say this weighs?

One, two, three! And I don’t even miss her, two, three! One, two, three! And I don’t even miss her, two, three…!

Jay, listen — I didn’t tell you this before, and I think I should tell you now. I love you. I mean, in the right way. I think you’re an amazing guy, and I — I think I just love you.

Oh, God!

Not at all?

What’s this?

Yes you can!

What did he do?

But I gave him $100.

That’s why I married her.


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