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Pete, talk to me.

Are you taking the piss?

What do you think, Errol?

Turkish, put a lid on her.

Feed ‘em to the pigs, Errol.

Oi! What’s going on in there?

Do you know these tits, Errol?

What the fuck are you two looking at?

No thank you, Turkish; I’m sweet enough.

Shhh. You’re going to have to repeat that.

He’s been a busy little bastard, that Turkish.

You’re not much use to me alive are you, Turkish?

In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary… come again?

Goody gumdrops. Get us a cup of tea, would you, Errol?

Of course, fucking of course. I wasn’t asking, I was telling.

It was a rhetorical question, Errol. What have I told you about thinking?

But you do have all the characteristics of a dog, Gary. All except loyalty.

I don’t care if he’s Muhammad I’m hard” Bruce Lee. You can’t change fighters.

Oh, shut up, Errol. Get back in your fucking pram. Tony, ain’t you house-trained?

It can get you in a lot of trouble, thinking, Errol, I shouldn’t do so much of it.

Pull your tongue out of my arsehole, Gary. Dogs do that. You’re not a dog, are ya Gary?

You’re a ruthless little cunt, Liam, I’ll give you that. But I’ve got no time for grassers.

You’re on thin fucking ice my pedigree chums, and I shall be under it when it breaks. Now, fuck off.

No, all bets are off at the bookies, you can’t change fighters. So no, I don’t have my fight do I? You fucking prat!

Well, where’d you lose him? He ain’t a set of fucking car keys, is he? And it ain’t as if he’s incon-fucking-spicuous now, is it?


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