• Best Movie Quotes About Hercules

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Ain’t no thing.

So Blood hammered out and jammed jet ship. Tightened that bad sucker inside the runway like a mother. Shit.

Check it, bleed. Bro… was ON! Didn’t trip. But the folks was freakin’, Man. Hey, and the pilots were laid to the bone, Homes.

Lookie here. I can dig grease ‘n chompin’ on some buns and draggin’ through the garden.

What it is, big mama? My mama no raise no dummies. I dug her rap!

‘S’mofo butter layin’ me to da’ BONE! Jackin’ me up…tight me!

Hey…knock a self a pro, Slick! That gray matter backlot perform us DOWN, I take TCB-in’, man!

Hey home’, I can dig it. Know ain’t gonna lay no mo’ big rap up on you, man!


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