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What am I, an elf?

Me too.

It’s my soul.

I’m going now.

Good. You’re married.

Do you want to marry her?

Do you want to marry him?

We are the children of children and we live as we are shown.

Stealing your truck.

It makes me glad I’m not dead!

I should have been dead years ago.

Can you get me to a hospital? I think I broke my ass.

I caught those Mondo brats dumping shark poison in our sauce.

Uh… uh… none of the above.

You know, these liars could be telling the truth.

Gee, boss, if I knew there was gonna be a test, I would’ve studied.

Forgive me, Godfather, but with you gone me and Pete will come under Barzini’s thumb sooner or later.

What candy? The bastards stole my candy!

Hell, he can’t do that; that screws up all my arrangements.

Look, I’m a hostage.

Barzini’s people chisle my territory and we do nothing about it. Pretty soon there won’t be anyplace in Brooklyn that I can hang my hat.

Can you get me off the hook, Tom? For old times’ sake?

We’ll need ‘em now. After the hospital thing, Sonny got mad. We hit Bruno Tattaglia at four o’clock this morning.

Of all my daughter-in-laws, you’re my favorite. You’re smart and you’re a good person. That’s why Jimmy loves you so much.

Tell Mike it was only business, I always liked him.


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